savoury soldiers for soft-boiled eggs
Eggs on the brain, right?! There’s that all-important egg hunt, your chocolate these days may come in the shape of an egg, and there are so many awesome, eggy spring dishes perfect for right now like quiches or asparagus mimosa. But still, I’d argue that the most important eggs are the ones are you whip into your favourite “going-to-take-some-actual-time-this-morning” weekend treats. They’re special always, but at this time of year they deserve a little extra attention (notice I did NOT say “egg-tra attention”. You’re welcome.)

My favourite weekend eggs are soft-boiled–and for 6 minutes exactly, not anywhere near 7. Using the freshest eggs counts for a lot but beyond that, it’s all about the toast “soldiers” for dipping into the eggs. Plain old toast smeared with butter is great, but a sprinkle of Maldon salt and fresh pepper on that butter makes the plunge into a soft yolk so much more enjoyable. And what if that butter was spiced with korean chili flakes and topped with toasted Sichuan pepper, or if those soldiers were positively covered with grated Parmesan and oregano and before being grilled under a broiler until golden? Well that would be downright egg-citing. What? Sorry.