spring bundles in leek broth

To be honest with you, I haven’t been to the farmer’s market all year. It’s officially spring and I bet there are lots of fleeting, flavourful things that I’m missing out on but I couldn’t go. It’s been too cold. I don’t know how many sweaters and socks the sellers are wearing under their boots and winter coats (we were all still wearing them through the first half of April 2013 as far as I could see). It’s warmer now, now I might go, but up to now, I’ve been getting all of my supplies from very conventional grocery stores where aside from some baby artichokes, the offering hasn’t changed much since the fall. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been desperate for more spring-like meals. It just means I’ve had to fake it.

I’m taking what’s in season now, the first things to grow, and cramming them into every meal I can. Broccoli, herbs, spinach, they’re supposed to be thriving somewhere close by. It’s weeks before peas will be at the market but I can’t wait any longer. This winter’s overextended reign took it’s toll on me and I am looking to food for the sudden coo that I didn’t read about on my weather app. I scurry out, buy spring things, pretend it’s all ok. With my head down and definitely pointed away from the window, I chew on spring, which is way better than grinding my teeth about winter. If you’re as bitter as me about the state of affairs this month I suggest you try these bright green, sweet, decidedly optimistic bundles in a broth of leeks–which for sure are shivering but present at the market. Denial dining works, if only for a few hours an evening.

spring bundles

This recipe can be found in “GREEN”, ISSUE 017 of Le Sauce Magazine! Please get it here: http://www.lesauce.com/app