3 steps to epic summer picnics


It’s summer! Like before, you are eating but NOW you are eating OUTDOORS! Picnics, beach blanket spreads, barbeques, oh my. It’s all fun and games, especially if you have just the tiniest bit of a game plan. Might I suggest 3 little things to help you have the tastiest summer with your friends and family…

1. Go big. These are the days that stretch into evenings and “how did it get to be 1am?” breezy nights that you and your friends remember forever, and at the centre of it all is the perfect picnic basket. The food and drink can be casual and still be awesome. And it should.

2. Take all of the stress out of making that thing you promised to make for the big annual potluck by considering these 5 things first. Because not killing someone is part of the fun.

3. Do not leave the bottle/wine opener at home. Actually this should have been #1.

Happy Canada Day, happy fourth of July, happy summer, everyone.