the plan

thanksgiving. ponder, plan.

the plan

This is not a time for drastic change. At least not for anyone in my family. Everyone has their favourite Thanksgiving dish and they expect it to show up on the table. There must be cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, more gravy than we think we’ll need and there would be palpable disappointment if we didn’t have enough stuffing to cram into the all-important morning-after leftovers sandwich. I’ve written about all of my favourites before, all of the go-to recipes that make up our Thanksgiving feast, and sometimes we add sides or a great harvest pie from other holiday feasts to the table. More is always welcome after all.

But there are a few recipes added to le sauce in the past year that you might want to consider for Thanksgiving in addition to the more traditional fare. I’m not saying that you should substitute any of your family’s favourite sides for baked tomatoes and onions, but they would make a welcome and probably unexpected addition. Stuffed sweet potatoes and mushroom soup are small twists on the vegetables you’re thinking of serving anyway. If you make and slice thin flatbread with leeks and soft cheese a day or two before, you can reheat it quickly for an impressive snack to go with pre-dinner cocktails, and the same goes for jackfruit cutlets. (They run the risk of stealing the show though!)

And if you are hosting out-of-town guests or have another great excuse to go all-out at brunch, you want to have two things thought through to keep it stress-free: the menu and the plan.

Wishing all a very peaceful and happy Thanksgiving as well as a fabulous feast.