the deli sandwich

Not to be confused with the sandwich you buy at your deli, this is the sandwich you buy with the things that you buy at your deli. It’s no-cook but not quite take-out food. Just the kind of “cheat” you deserve if you’ve been good about cooking all week or need a break after hosting a Thanksgiving meal, for instance.

I have a great Italian grocery store near my house so this is my version of a mini-muffaleta sandwich. But imagine how amazing an Indian version would be, with items from the the takeout counter like channa, paneer and pickled chilies–sort of a roti sandwich. Or a Korean hot food counter takeout with bulgogi, marinated spinach and kimchee. These are the sandwiches I would like to see show up at a picnic or potluck. They’d be unexpected, as easy as the go-to cold cut sammies and arguably more delicious.