chilies in oil

James and I have this cute, reliable, tasty, cozy restaurant in our neighbourhood called 7 Numbers, and we go there for all of those reasons, semi-regularly. We’d adjust if they changed the lighting, no longer took reservations and even removed some of our favourites from the menu. But we would throw a little fit–or maybe it would have to be a scene-y one, it’s kinda loud in there–if they stopped serving their house made chilies in oil. We ask for them the moment the bread hits the table and if they must leave our table to (how dare they) be shared other diners, we ask for them back when our food arrives. We eat them on all of the dishes we order with the exception of dessert, only. They have a medium heat, until you eat too large a piece with too little other food, which you would do too because they are so nice on their own. Though not fresh, they are a little meaty. For a long time I thought they were re-hydrated chilies since they were so dark. Finally I asked and they were kind enough to share how they made them with me: “you fry jalapenos in oil for like 20 minutes until they’re totally black…sometimes I take them so far we can’t eat them!” I would still probably eat them.

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