parsnip pecorino soup

One December day in New York, on the first really snowy day of that winter, I went to M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1. It was cold enough outside that I passed over the things I probably should have ordered when dining somewhere new—all of their specials and unique-sounding dishes. I opted for comfort: roasted carrots, a creamy parsnip soup, a ridiculously good ham sandwich and glass of Chablis. It was all so good, I was moved to recreate most of it. My replica of their sugary sweet and spicy carrots is pretty spot on, but honestly, I didn’t come that close to mimicking their parsnip soup. And I don’t mind. My trials led me to add fried shallots and vinegar, which in addition to their ingenious inclusions of apple and Pecorino, makes this a pretty special soup all its own. If I may.

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