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home toast at high noon

toasts LS

Saturday and Sunday lunches are grand! For instance, brunch (best at someone’s house) or maybe a late-into-the-afternoon treat after errands because who cares if it’s almost 4, we’re not eating dinner until 10pm! And when weekend lunches take place at home, there’s time to make whatever pleases us, gorge on leftovers, or graze steadily from 9am-2pm and not define the meal at all. But very different than those are the rare beast of lunches: the lunch, at home, that happens on like…

…a Wednesday.

Weekday lunches at home are an oddity for those of us schmucks who shlep into the office every day. They come around when appointments, contractors, sick kids or days that allow for working “offsite” arise. And as far as weekday lunches go, the office-tethered and self-employed among us probably treat the 12 o’clock craving at home the same way. While one may might not want to roll out the waffle-maker or pizza wheel a la Sunday afternoon, one actually gets to make lunch. You have your favourite condiments at hand to spruce it up. There is a real-live heating element. You can make something a little special, even if it’s simple and quick. You can make awesome toast.

Sure you have a toaster at work, sure you have some hummous in the office fridge (p.s. your coworkers are not happy about that… screw ’em.) But toast made at home trumps any you could make at work.


Because shaving, drizzling, sprinkling, melting, and drizzling down your chin–all the decadence belonging to the home toast experience-is gross and unwelcome at the office.

I have been at home around the lunch hour on Wednesday a time or two in my day. I never let it go to waste. I thought you might like some home toast inspiration for when you time comes.

avocado, hemp hearts and parm toasts

Avocado, Hemp Heart and Parmesan Toast

This was my friend’s go-to breakfast in university. Mash half of an avocado in a bowl. Toast a piece of bread well so it’s dry and sturdy and let it cool. Smear the avocado thickly over the toast, sprinkle generously with hemp hearts (they have the texture of raw sesame seeds) and grate Parmesan cheese with your finest grater over top.

honey and butter crumpet

Crumpets with Butter and Dark Honey

Crumpets count; you toast them. Make sure they are piping hot when you spread your room-temperature butter generously over top. No, even more generously than you think. Drizzle with honey, maple syrup or treacle. Eat immediately…wearing a t-shirt you don’t care about.

cheesy chive scrambled egg toast

Cheesy Chive Scrambled Egg Toast

Eggs on toast are the epitome of home toasts. Fast enough for a weekday, luxurious enough to make you so, so happy you get to have lunch at home. Whisk two eggs lightly with a fork, add a splash of cream, milk or water, season with salt and pepper and then whisk again before mixing in a small handful of grated cheese. Cook gently stirring with a wide cooking spoon or spatula, in a butter-greased skillet and stop as soon as no liquid remains. Top the barely-set eggs with a little more grated cheese immediately and cover the skillet so the cheese melts. Scoop the eggs in one mound if you can onto a piece or two of toast, top with chopped chives and dive in.

epoisse and pickled radish toasts

Epoisse and Pickled Radish Toast

Stinky, smelly cheese. I would do this at work but then again I have no regard for my coworkers (plus they are equal offenders which is why we get along). For you, this is home toast. Break out the Epoisse  and some homemade quick-pickled radishes that you took 3 minutes to make earlier that morning and revel in the funk. Do not even brush your teeth after. You are home! Sorrynotsorry to any of you who have spouses who work from home.

More toast inspiration here, here and here. Enjoy your lunch.