RED, The first ever issue of Le Sauce Magazine

lscoverRED (p)

Update, November 7, 2016: This was the post announcing Le Sauce Magazine’s app launch on iTunes in September 2014. While the app no longer exists, it was the first time that the content appeared in magazine issue format/themes and I was pretty excited. I’ve kept the entry and screengrabs for nostalgic reasons—see below the links to the recipes in the issue. But first, here is the opening essay of Le Sauce Magazine ISSUE 001: RED.

From Cherries to Chilies.

RED food makes me lose all manners if I ever had any. I’ll wipe up the sauce that escapes from between your pizza dough and the cheese with my own slice. I intentionally stain my fingers as much as possible with food colour number “unsafebutwhocares” when eating a bag of ketchup chips because licking my fingers is the best part. Chili paste, hot sauce, salsa; the moment these fiery fermented reds appear I will A) openly salivate and B) double dip earlier on in our relationship than is allowed.

But you have your red weaknesses too, I’d bet. If you’re into the sweet stuff, red food had you with the cherry sauce on your childhood sundaes, or maybe the bruised strawberries staining a pie plate. Even when the food is gone, barbecue sauce-stained foil containers, red wine rings on a white tablecloth, freezie-dyed tongues–all of these tell the story of things not just ingested but devoured. We are not to blame. We who love to partake are at the mercy of the colour that promises sweet, hot, savoury, sticky. We know red food is the sign of a good time.

Find all of the recipes published in this issue here.

Here’s the old announcement!

This is up there with the most exciting things that have happened in my life. I once won an expensive coat at an event–everyone around me was jealous. I was super-excited. Mind you, I’ve never worn it because it’s bright, peacock blue and has so much fur and shearling detail that it’s too hot to wear even during a polar vortex kind of winter.  I was pretty excited to win at Whack-A-Mole at the fair last week but that’s relative. I’ve experienced the excitement of being handed the keys to my home, but I would argue that I’ve worked harder and longer to make the exciting thing that is happening right now happen. Which is that Le Sauce Magazine launches, officially, today, September 4, 2014. You can get it right here!


Photo 2014-08-15, 20 40 32

Photo 2014-08-15, 20 40 43

Above are some screen grabs of the table of contents that you can swipe to make appear or disappear on any page you’re on, there’s a sample of an article, and of course, the cover of the first issue way at the top! I just want to tell you about how this app–and it is an app –is so damn friendly to use, because it was built by the forward-thinking, magazine-loving team at 29th Street Publishing. I only want to talk about about how excited I am to deliver a packaged, fun little bundle of stories and recipes–that this format makes me so excited and it’s one of the ways I’ve always dreamed of delivering Le Sauce. I want to tell you that so many recipes and pictures within are NEW, exclusive and built just for the magazine! That even older recipes are going to become exclusive to the app so that there are lots of great reasons to buy it and so that you will be rewarded for your support. AND, you may be surprised to know, that it is not exclusively meat-free, though always has been. Rest assured, there is an abundance of vegetarian recipes–how could there not be. It’s something I will always respect and think there needs to be more of, delicious, thoughtful, meat-free cooking. But some of the very best foods that I grew up eating, like my dad’s black pepper king fish and my favourite way to make lamb chops, I’m celebrating and sharing those meals and recipes too.

But I should tell you some practical things too, so that you might actually buy the magazine and see all of this for yourself. The app (just for iOs at this point so specifically created for your iPhone or iPad) is available here, for free, and the first issue is free too–so, please, please check it out! If you like it, if you like, if you like meeee (sorry) then please subscribe, or try the next issue which will be out in two weeks. There will be two new issues of Le Sauce Magazine, published on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. If you buy a single issue, it will cost $$2.99 single issue. Or you could subscribe month to month and get a little deal, two issues for $4.99. But if you want to pay LESS than a couple of bucks an issue, subscribe quarterly! For $10.99 you get 6 issues! I know. Why wouldn’t you? Dozens of recipes. Plus that whole thing about liking me–solidified!! xoxoxox

If you check out that first issue, do flip to the Colophon so you can see all of the people I’m indebted to for making this happen. I wish I could include the names of all of you who have read and shared over the years and who have encouraged me in other ways. I’m left to say it here: thaaaaank you, it’s meant so much and helped me do this too.

If you want to know more, please ask: