Sri Lankan 101


It might seem early to say that I’m especially excited to bring you an issue of Le Sauce Magazine. Having just launched two weeks ago, I’m still excited about the whole damn thing. But anyone who has visited this site, or follows me on Twitter or knows me knows that the recipes in this issue have a special place in my life. The people who taught me to make them are the most important people in my life. I wouldn’t cook the way I do or love food the way I do without their influence. I wouldn’t be the person I am without their generosity.

That aside, this issue is so worth buying because my parents, aunt and grandmother’s recipes are within. And let me tell you, they can cook.

If you have had no exposure to Sri Lankan food, any biases aside, it is worth checking out because it’s so, so flavourful, colourful and quite healthy if you make it at home which you’d learn to do if you pick up this issue. It’s sort of an intro to the cuisine, with a small glossary of the few ingredients you might not have heard of, as well as, um, an intro to how we Sri Lankans like to gather around a table. You’re going to want to read that opening essay before you cook or eat with us but once you do, you’ll be back for seconds, even thirds. You’ll see what I mean.

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