I don’t eat sandwiches often and it’s because I don’t have time. I don’t have time to waste, in life, in my day, to eat mediocre ones from sandwich counters. Sounds terribly snobby, but truly, can you tell me the last time you had one from a place you didn’t know and trust and had a pleasant surprise? Sandwiches are best left in the hands of people you can trust to care about which bread with which toppings, toasting the right amount and not skimping on pickles or cheese. And things get even better when you take matters into your own hand. You could make your favourite barbecue sauce–or mine– for a pulled jackfruit sandwich. You could make sure you to have smoked cheese for a breaded mushroom sandwich because you know the difference that makes. You could fry french fries easily and perfectly for a poutine sandwich. What? Never had one of those? You should. You can, if you get this issue. The recipe for these and all of my absolute favourite sandwiches are in “SANDWICHED”, ISSUE 005 of Le Sauce Magazine! Get it here:

LS sandwich issue