I love people who greet you at their door, or a few metres in, with a house cocktail. I just love them. I mean, first of all, BOOZE!, but also, a house cocktail? It’s bound to be thoughtful and crafted with care or why bother. They could have done what I normally do and serve cava or jump right into the crate of dinner wines. Instead, after preparing some nice food, cleaning their house, putting their cat in bedroom jail so I might live past my first hour in their home, they’ve thought of another way to make the visit more enjoyable, memorable, delicious and all-around thoughtful.

I aspire to be more like them. Cocktails have never been my forte but after much practice, I have a few classics under my belt and I’ve even branched out to putting my own spin on one or two. I have a very small collection of bitters and a selection of liquor beyond simply gin and vermouth, so I can make other people’s go-to cocktail and not just mine: a martini. Because even though my deserted island drink is a bottle of Sancerre rouge, tough as red wine might be to drink under the blazing sun of said island, I know that certain occasions call for a cocktail. And a tipple is nothing without a nibble. Tipsy people will eat you out of house and home, they call them apéritifs for a reason. Some simple, straightforward drinks and bites that might come in handy when the joyful occasions warrant, are in “TIPPLE”, ISSUE 009 of Le Sauce Magazine!

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