It’s precisely on the closing end of a hectic day that I want the best rewards. Who cares what wine you’re drinking on Saturday if you’ve already had the luxury of spending it in your PJs with your greasy hair tied back, tasked only with binge-watching an entire season of something before dawn breaks. It’s when I get home far too late from work on Tuesday, after a tense conversation with a passive aggressive coworker that I deserve a glass (two) of the best wine we have. After being out of the house for 13 hours, I want to return to the promise of something good. Most of the kitchens at the nicer take-out spots will have closed, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to have supermarket sushi that was already past its prime by 2pm. You get the idea. I need a light at the end of the tunnel; the reward of a decent, delicious meal. But at that point it’s got to be pretty straightforward.

Those are the nights where it pays to have a little roster of go-to meals to fall back on. Maybe ground beef marinated for just 10 minutes in some sugar, sesame oil and soy sauce. Maybe a marriage of whatever you’ve got lying around, like leftover vegetables that you top with that grated cheese and some breadcrumbs for a gratin.  “GO-TO MEALS“, Issue 011 of  Le Sauce Magazine, contains the recipes for our own current roster of simple, but special, weeknight dinners in our house. Some take a little more time than others for when you’ve got an extra half hour, none require much brain power, all can be adapted with what you actually have in your kitchen on that tired, Tuesday night. And all go best with the better bottle of wine, of course, so don’t save it.

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GO-TO issue