eggs! how do i love thee?

LS cover EGGS

Let me count the ways!

Actual ways? Fine, I can’t count them. I love all of the ways one can make eggs. And the ways are endless, innumerable. At least one thousand?

For instance, some of the best ways to enjoy eggs *not* included in this issue:

Devilled. Scrambled into fried rice. Magical eggs, like souffles. Poached. Fried, even basic fried eggs are not included within. Egg drop soup? Not in here.

Deep-fried eggs. It’s a thing! Just not a thing in here.

Carbonara. Mmmm. Like bacon and egg pasta, basically. Love it so. Yet I had to draw the line somewhere.

But I’m still excited (<—I spared you from the obvious pun here, you’re welcome, it wasn’t easy for me) to bring you this issue. If you’re an egg-lover (eggthusiast? hah—sorry, leaving that in, that’s the extent of my will power if you were wondering), I think trying some of these methods may make you love your go-to eggs even more.

Maybe you have baked eggs in a tomato sauce, but not in a creamy mushroom base before? Maybe you have scrambled eggs for dinner but not with a sweetish sauce, and not on rice? And beyond variations, I’m willing to bet there are entirely new ways for you to enjoy eggs here, like the Sri Lankan egg hoppers you see on the cover. They’re rice flour pancakes of sorts, with a pillowy dough surrounding softly-cooked eggs, that spool out into lacy, crispy edges. You put a dollop of something spicy like a savoury sambol or sweet chutney on top, use your fingers to break off the edges and tuck into the rich, soft centre.

Now, to “counting the ways” to love eggs *within* this issue: 7 savoury, 1 sweet, 2 other suggestions. I wish this were a chain letter issue, where you would have 7 years of bad eggs if you didn’t forward it to 7 people and copy me in addition to having to add your 7 favourite and unique egg recipes. We’d eventually get to that one thousand number and everybody would be better off. No two egg recipes are really the same, every technique and every person’s touch makes a difference.

Part of their appeal, maybe, and why we never tire of them?

Endless eggspression?

Number of egg puns in this issue: 2, PROMISE.

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