rose gin spritz

A traditional gin spritz combines gin, champagne or sparkling wine, and simple syrup. If you’re lazy, which is my default state, you look for a way to get out of making a (very easy to make, but again, so lazy) simple syrup. I like Crème de Cassis as a substitute, sweet and sweetly coloured. For something less fruity, you can use port.

rose gin spritz

Rose Gin Spritz

*Rose gin is a specialty of an Ontario distiller, Dillion’s, and I hope you have a chance to get your hands on some. Regular gin works fine if you’re not so lucky. You might want to add more Crème de Cassis or port to taste, since rose gin is a littler sweeter than others.

This is an easy drink to refresh for guests, and just as easy to explain to guests in case they want to top themselves up later on. If they get the proportions off, they’ll still end up with something enjoyable. Alternatively, add roughly 2 tablespoons of Cassis and a generous one and a half cups of gin to a pitcher, and top with a bottle of sparkling wine when ready to serve, which makes a batch of about 6 or 7 drinks at once.

1 tsp Crème de Cassis or port
2 oz Dillon’s Rose Gin*, chilled
4 oz sparkling wine, like Cava, chilled

Add Crème de Cassis to a wine, flute or rocks glass. Pour gin and sparkling wine over top.

Makes 1 drink.

This story and recipe appear in A MENU FOR ENTERTAINING, Issue 024 of Le Sauce Magazine.