we say tomato

LS002 We Say Tomato

One devotion. Per Year.

I can wax poetic about a lot of things, I can take seemingly casual things seriously. I’m melodramatic that way. Fine. But tomatoes really deserve it and if you don’t agree, I’m not sure we’re compatible, as friends.

It’s fine.

But to be clear, you’re wrong.

As if the lukewarm tomatoists among you could eat a meatball sub worth a damn without a good marinara, or onion rings without ketchup. Tomatoes deserve poems and platitudes (please Google “tomato poems” some time–those people really get me) and at least one issue of a magazine devoted entirely to them. Per year. At least.

These are the best tomato recipes I can share with you to this point and you have some idea how much thought I might have given such a thing. You will want to make the quickest but maybe most life-changing tomato sauce right away. It’s kind of pickled—a trick I picked up from a family friend. There are two tomato sandwiches within; one is a simple classic and one is entertaining-worthy except for the fact that there’s something so great about eating it alone, over the sink in silent contemplation. And aside from making recipes with summer tomatoes, I hope we all get a chance to just shake salt over the raw, ripe heirloom variety of our choice and bite in, once this year, at least.

Find all of the recipes published in this issue here.