Le Sauce was founded in 2008. A portion of the content originally published in the Le Sauce Magazine app (September 2014 – October 2016) on iTunes. If you subscribed to the app, you have my sincere, deep thanks! The magazine will transition to a web-based publication in late 2016.

Le Sauce is a magazine that aims to sometimes satiate and sometimes spike your longing for a certain sauce, a street in a particular city, comforting dinners in with friends, epic nights out with friends, and manic quests to recreate that epic crab curry you had on vacation. The recipes work, the stories are personal, and the meals are pretty damn indulgent even though a lot of them are meat-free—which you might not notice unless you care about that sort of thing.

Created by: Yasmin Seneviratne   All content copyright Yasmin Seneviratne, unless otherwise noted.

Yasmin Seneviratne (@yasminATlesauce) is a producer who has worked in digital, TV and magazines, and promises she hardly ever talks about herself in the third person.

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