tempting: illustrated guide to cocktails

You might say I'm just sticking my toe in the vodka when it comes to cocktails. I'm far from a mix master yet I've never thought of buying a guide before. B...

food gifts

I think that people appreciate food gifts whether they are avid cooks or not. To appreciate one, you just have to like eating. Much more common, right?

host and holiday gifts: winter white table top

I seemed to gravitate toward the white and neutral tabletop pieces...maybe I'm in a wintery mood. And because they're neutral, I think they'd make great gifts for any lucky recipients now or any time of year.
a present

a present!

i was at the book store the other day, alone, drooling over the recipes in simon hopkinson's cookbook, the vegetarian option. i mentioned it, in passing, wh...
julia's irish cream

tempted: holiday gifts from the kitchen

  i've consumed lunches, cocktails and one too many godiva chocolates in the name of the holidays this year, but aside from the big feast with the family, my...
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tempted: holiday host gift ideas

don't be fooled by some of the posts on my blog. i like being a dinner guest BETTER than hosting. much much better. at your house, i won't even help yo...