Get in there, go to battle, reap the rewards. And hell yes, grumble all the way, you're not alone in this.

fried smelts

These are salty, crispy but yielding little things, that need to be served with icy beer or a dry sparkling wine. As a kid I probably washed these down with a cold orange Crushβ€”that still seems like an ideal pairing now.

shiny chocolate ganache

Ganache is not much more than melted chocolate with cream in it to keep it flowy. Oh and for shine, you add butter. Gets better and better, doesn't it?

tibetan butter tea

Each batch of butter tea finished quickly and it took forever to brew another batch of the salty and slightly oily tea, or so it seemed when I had to wait.

oxtail stew

I grew up eating oxtail which is a fatty, silky meat cooked on the bone, and which produces a luscious, slightly gelatinous sauce or broth. It's fantastic in soups and curries.

fries and mayo

The thing is, you can't successfully transport french fries home. They're fine but not as good. Solution: fry them at home! Frying potatoes at home doesn't require much effort on your part, just your attention. And a technique.


FAT. It's where it's at.

rose gin spritz

A lazy-person's gin spritzβ€”and they were pretty damn easy to begin with.