chilies in oil

chilies in oil

We'd adjust if they removed some of our favourites from the menu, but we'd throw a little fit if this restaurant stopped serving their house made chilies in oil.
really great meat-free gravy

really great (meat-free) gravy

One of the most delicious sauces you'll ever make, by far one of the easiest and the best-ever gravy for every purpose from Thanksgiving to dipping french fries.


Just a suggestion, more than a recipe, because the best hummous you have will be the one that suits your taste.

black olive bagna cauda

My vegetarian and more mellow version of bagna cauda, starring black olives and sweet, roasted garlic.
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i love you, gladstone fry bar

now i already loved me some gladstone hotel to begin with. i enjoy harvest wednesdays every year, their always tasty brunch--but how did i not discover the &qu...
banana peppers in oil LS

banana peppers and onions in oil

There was this little, bistro-like spot in my old neighbourhood, romantic but as suitable for a lunch meeting as it was for a date or dinner with your best frie...