tibetan butter tea

Each batch of butter tea finished quickly and it took forever to brew another batch of the salty and slightly oily tea, or so it seemed when I had to wait.

rose gin spritz

A lazy-person's gin spritzβ€”and they were pretty damn easy to begin with.

a sharp left & steph’s cheese dip

The citrus and bitters round out this drink nicely, it scales well for a pitcher too, and it's the perfect drink for when you're pigging out with your friends.

arrack sour

Arrack is one of those drinks I was warned about while growing up, the way you're warned about a river with a strong undercurrent...
tibetan butter tea LS

tibetan butter tea

In 2004 the Dalai Lama came to Toronto to perform a Kalachakra and I attended for part of the week-long event. Aside from being a memorable spiritual experi...
sunny arrack

a tale of two arrack cocktails

Made from unopened coconut tree flowers, arrack is compared to whiskey or rum or something in between. I've used it in place of both to try it out and you should too.

strawberry soda

I made a strawberry soda because I knew it would be freaking delicious, but also because store-bought flavoured sodas can sometimes taste like, um, scratch-'n'-sniff stickers, not fruit.