fried smelts

These are salty, crispy but yielding little things, that need to be served with icy beer or a dry sparkling wine. As a kid I probably washed these down with a cold orange Crushβ€”that still seems like an ideal pairing now.

fries and mayo

The thing is, you can't successfully transport french fries home. They're fine but not as good. Solution: fry them at home! Frying potatoes at home doesn't require much effort on your part, just your attention. And a technique.

steph’s cheese dip

My best friend, Steph, started making this cheese dip when we were in high school. This dip is reason enough to be someone's best friend.

thyme fried almonds

Things that take almost no effort to make but are so much better (and more impressive) than their store-bought counterparts.

marinated fish & pickled pepper puffs

The puff pastry is maybe a tiny bit fancy. But the real reason I like the fish and pickled peppers on it is because it's a little bit chewy, which let's you savour each bite a little longer.


A little snack that goes nicely with a cold drink, or a crunchy accompaniment to a plate of rice and curries.

chocolate bark

Melt chocolate, pour it out, cram anything (within reason) you love on top of it before it sets.

curry-spiced cashews

I started making these spiced cashews on Sundays, in anticipation of a new episode of Mad Men. I hope you make these nuts for equally epic but lighter events.
sour chili peanuts

sour chili peanuts

These are just toasted peanuts in a little sauce. Not the star of the show but a fine little thing to eat between bites.