oxtail stew

I grew up eating oxtail which is a fatty, silky meat cooked on the bone, and which produces a luscious, slightly gelatinous sauce or broth. It's fantastic in soups and curries.


It's a demure-looking bowl, but my posole is punchy.
parsnip pecorino soup LS

parsnip pecorino soup

One December day in New York, on the first really snowy day of that winter, I went to M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1. It was cold enough outside that I passed...

spring bundles in leek broth

Leeks, spinach and arugula are always around, and when you puree them, fold them into little doughy pockets and float them in a light broth, you can fake it (spring) until you (it) make it (actually shows up).

go-to meal: late-summer stew

Couldn't be bothered + didn't want to clean + ran out of time + mixed with late-summer vegetables = my latest go-to meal.
chicken soup and rice

first taste: soup and rice

Thank you, Maurice Sendak, for inspiring irreverent, honest, wildness in all of us. My small homage can't begin to express your influence.

grilled onigiri in a green tea broth

(Ochazuke with Yaki-Onigiri) If you've never eaten plum onigiri in ochazuke this might seem like an odd grouping of flavours. And words. Some ingredients...