Individual Tartes Tatin

Arguably the easiest baked dessert for a non-baker (someone who not only dislikes but is slightly fearful of baking, as defined by this non-baker).
confit tomatoes

grape tomato confit

For me, this isn't a "starter" or an app, this whole thing is main-event-territory.

braised artichokes. i mean, you just have to.

One does not look away from baby artichokes at the market. If you do, for a minute, the season will be over. All too soon, it's time to wrestle with their bigger, hairier brothers.

re-baking: savoury choux (gougeres)

Even better. I favour this choux recipe over the last not only because it's savoury, it's also much easier. I found the batter a little looser, therefore a ...

asparagus mimosa

These eggs are light as air after being sieved and I love that this classic elevates two ingredients in one simple, classic dish.

french onion soup with porcini

Your chances of finding a meat-free French onion soup at a restaurant are next to nil. But at home, a handful of dried porcini mushrooms steeped in hot water creates a full-flavoured broth that still lets the flavour of the onions shine through.

cheese soufflé

I totally get it now, all of that shushing that happens once people put a soufflé in the oven and, more gently than they ever have before, close the door. Soufflés are worth the tip-toeing, especially this cheese soufflé.