grilled onigiri in a green tea broth

(Ochazuke with Yaki-Onigiri) If you've never eaten plum onigiri in ochazuke this might seem like an odd grouping of flavours. And words. Some ingredients...

the ingredient: umeboshi paste

Ripe Japanese ume plums, salted and stewed down with shisho leaves. That's all this is but I can't really imagine a substitute and despite eating it semi-re...

the ingredient: shishito peppers

Please excuse this blurry iPhone photo. Although I ate one hundred of them in one week, it seemed every time I was served shishito peppers in New York, it w...


Where else can you get mini cookie as awesome as EVERY BURGER but a Japanese store?
zaru soba dinner

zaru soba feast

with zaru soba, good noodles are key. the rest can be easy.
ramen wk 1

ramen noodle week pt. ii

i almost ruined the whole soup while i watched the canadian women's hockey team take the gold medal! but i salvaged tonight's shiitake and white miso ramen,...
ramen week 1

ramen noodle week pt. i

i bought fresh ramen noodles so i'm experimenting with a couple of homemade ramen soups this week. tonight, a seaweed-steeped broth, with red, coarse miso a...