tteokguk (korean rice cake soup)

  I learned how to make a simple Korean tteokguk (tteok = rice cake, guk = soup) when my friend, Hannah, came over to cook Korean food with me one Saturday....
bob's bulgogi counter

working lunches

a little taste of what was my home away from home for ten great years.
korean fried tofu

korean fried tofu

my attempt at meat-free korean fried chicken. not to brag, but i'd say: success.
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an (awesome) intro to korean cooking

incredible things happened this weekend. i got together with friends, one whom i hadn't seen in two years, on less than a week's notice. that's a s...
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a random bite of korean pancakes

growing up, my best friend was korean, and i do recall her mentioning korean pancakes, but somehow, she never fed them to me. she fed me entirely too little ko...