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It's a demure-looking bowl, but my posole is punchy.


I would never have known to make and use a Lebanese 7-spice powder which makes for a fantastic, and I'm trusting, very authentic tabbouleh.

working lunch: tacos

yesterday was taco tuesday at my "office". one serious benefit of having my office currently being my kitchen.

taco night and other recent feasts

i have been eating so much good food, drinking so much good wine, and experiencing so many great people and things that i barely have time to share it all h...
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a random streetcar conversation

photo: my aunt preparing food in her very, very, tiny kitchen.i overhead a sweet conversation on the crowded spadina streetcar last night, around midnight. a ma...
salad with dried chilies and oaxaca

salad with dried chillies and oaxaca

i ate an obscene amount of delicious homemade pupusas (latin american maize "biscuits" stuffed with cheese and jalepenos) at a party months ago, and i've cr...