south asian (non-sri lankan)

curry-spiced cashews

I started making these spiced cashews on Sundays, in anticipation of a new episode of Mad Men. I hope you make these nuts for equally epic but lighter events.
fried shan tofu with chili paste

burmese shan tofu, fried

Only you reading this can call me on it when I nod as if I've always known and say "Well, chickpea tofu? That's so Burmese."

yogurt marinades

Things started smoking, pans started burning but it was worth it to have the marinade turn into a delicious glue that charred in spots.

summer in (little) india

just some of the things i ate at this weekend's fesival of south asia, in little india (gerrard st., toronto).
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i love you, lahore tikka house

i swear that when the two of us were ordering this meal at lahore tikka house on monday, it seemed reasonable. i mean we planned to take a little to work for l...