butter, cheese & other dairy

tempered rice

Think of this as Sri Lankan fried rice, butter-fried rice, or as it is known back home, tempered rice.

french onion soup with porcini

Your chances of finding a meat-free French onion soup at a restaurant are next to nil. But at home, a handful of dried porcini mushrooms steeped in hot water creates a full-flavoured broth that still lets the flavour of the onions shine through.

cheese soufflé

I totally get it now, all of that shushing that happens once people put a soufflé in the oven and, more gently than they ever have before, close the door. Soufflés are worth the tip-toeing, especially this cheese soufflé.

don’t mind if i do

The real reason this is the most wonderful time of the year: Night after night of cheese boards at all those holiday parties.

hot chocolate

This home-made hot chocolate is ridiculously easy to make and you can control the flavour, opting to use more or less milk-chocolate which is the where all of the sweetness is coming from.

mini provolone popovers

Though I get nervous over anything involving flour, this might be the easiest recipe I've ever followed.

a random bite of a skillet pancake

i had just a bite of this skillet pancake that my friend ordered for brunch, and it was enough to make me go out and find a cast iron skillet in just the right size. i'm shopping for it in my mind right now.