fried shan tofu with chili paste

burmese shan tofu, fried

Only you reading this can call me on it when I nod as if I've always known and say "Well, chickpea tofu? That's so Burmese."


Just a suggestion, more than a recipe, because the best hummous you have will be the one that suits your taste.
vegetarian kibbeh

vegetarian kibbe

Filling, flavourful and special in appearance too, all golden and presented family-style in a casserole dish.


A Sri Lankan snack, fried, scented with curry leaves and flavoured with onions and only a scattering of fennel and cumin seeds.

winter stew

I love this stew James has been making...the paprika and Dijon keeps it from being bland or expected.
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the comfort of gourmet

 this picture above is of a "tunisian soup with chard and egg noodles" that i made with fresh harissa paste. i found this recipe from gourmet ma...
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a random bite of panelle

my mother, whose food i love, made a recipe of lidia bastianich's, whose food i love. which resulted in love on a plate. panelle, i learned from my mother,...