shiny chocolate ganache

Ganache is not much more than melted chocolate with cream in it to keep it flowy. Oh and for shine, you add butter. Gets better and better, doesn't it?

chocolate bark

Melt chocolate, pour it out, cram anything (within reason) you love on top of it before it sets.
fruit and nut chocolate bites

fruit and nut chocolate bites

I have to tell you I'm not a big fruit and chocolate person. I like fruit + nuts, and nuts + chocolate but I don't like dried fruit in my chocolate bars. However, this is different.

the ingredient: a little chocolate

I was more impressed with this slab of chocolate that Steph brought from the market for us to work with than the desserts themselves.

hot chocolate

This home-made hot chocolate is ridiculously easy to make and you can control the flavour, opting to use more or less milk-chocolate which is the where all of the sweetness is coming from.