eggs, nuts & tofu

soft and sharp egg sammy

If the idea of egg and mustard together sounds strange, I don't blame you, but I do urge you to try it anyway. Something about the combination of the taste and smell of the sharp mustard when you bite into that soft, rich egg is perfect.

caramel flan

My mom JUST found her mother's flan recipe! Except, she didn't...

chestnuts, but how?

Would you believe I've stared at this bowl of chestnuts since the weekend and haven't cracked one because I can't decide how I want to eat them?

sunday fried rice

We often have this fried rice on Sundays in our house. Sunday mornings can be, harsh, ahem, and this is definitely comfort food.

feeding time

"safari"-themed salad (pesto on animal-shaped pasta) for our picnic at the zoo with all of my cousins and their kids.