Individual Tartes Tatin

Arguably the easiest baked dessert for a non-baker (someone who not only dislikes but is slightly fearful of baking, as defined by this non-baker).
coconut rocks LS

coconut rocks

For those with a sweet tooth, those who do not...even those who profess not to love coconut!
parsnip pecorino soup LS

parsnip pecorino soup

One December day in New York, on the first really snowy day of that winter, I went to M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1. It was cold enough outside that I passed...
fruit and nut chocolate bites

fruit and nut chocolate bites

I have to tell you I'm not a big fruit and chocolate person. I like fruit + nuts, and nuts + chocolate but I don't like dried fruit in my chocolate bars. However, this is different.
rhubarb strawberry galette

rhubarb strawberry galette

You'll spend roughly five minutes on the filling, five on making the dough and five on assembly... eat (some!) ice cream while you wait for this to bake.
grape cornmeal cake

concord grape cornmeal cake

Red seedless grapes in this cake don't look as striking but this cake was absolutely delicious (and can be made ahead!)

a very LA salad

Don't turn your nose up if you're "so over" these sprouts. This is a salad to love long-term.