sweet garlic eggplant

One night James made steamed eggplant and rice for dinner, and I couldn't get enough of it. He knew what was coming...

black olive bagna cauda

My vegetarian and more mellow version of bagna cauda, starring black olives and sweet, roasted garlic.

so much pesto

I've lost any pesto inhibitions, if I ever had any. Since a traditional pesto is basil leaves, pounded or pureed with a little garlic, pine nuts, some grated ...

feeding time

"safari"-themed salad (pesto on animal-shaped pasta) for our picnic at the zoo with all of my cousins and their kids.

beans braised in milk

even better after sitting around for a few mingling-with-the-juices/flavour-deepening hours.
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there are probably about as many panzanella recipes as there are households in tuscany, because it's essentially an old bread salad  (stale an...
green garlic scrambled eggs

green garlic and ricotta scrambled eggs

i still have ramps on the brain but green garlic also has my attention. these early spring harvest weeks bring both of them to the markets for a short time....
white fried rice

i love you, white rice: pt. 2

as you may know froman earlier post, i am fond of brown rice. and i will argue with you that it's just as good as white rice in most ways and for most uses....