soft scented spinach

soft, scented spinach (and rice)

I can vouch for its gentleness on an upset stomach and it's ability to fortify, but I hope you simply enjoy this in good health.

autumn tart

It's just like leaves drifted right down from the from the trees and settled onto your tart! If dead leaves tasted like crisped chard and oyster mushrooms.

spring bundles in leek broth

Leeks, spinach and arugula are always around, and when you puree them, fold them into little doughy pockets and float them in a light broth, you can fake it (spring) until you (it) make it (actually shows up).

braised artichokes. i mean, you just have to.

One does not look away from baby artichokes at the market. If you do, for a minute, the season will be over. All too soon, it's time to wrestle with their bigger, hairier brothers.


This is a Lebanese bread salad, really, but there are two things that set it apart from similar salads...

a very LA salad

Don't turn your nose up if you're "so over" these sprouts. This is a salad to love long-term.