thyme fried almonds

Things that take almost no effort to make but are so much better (and more impressive) than their store-bought counterparts.


Why you need mallum, a big, fresh, slightly crunchy flurry of greens, over a bowl of rice and dark curry.
carrots in corriander

carrots in coriander

To be served craggy, big carrots in all their ugly beauty (well they are both), lying long and awkwardly on a white plate was different. I had to take them in and then I had to recreate them.
go-to pesto

go-to pesto

What more is there to say? It's the straight-up classic, Genovese basil pesto that I make quite often. It freezes well. Use it in soups. Roast vegetables with it. Spread it on sandwiches, fish, meat. Of course, add it to pasta.

spring bundles in leek broth

Leeks, spinach and arugula are always around, and when you puree them, fold them into little doughy pockets and float them in a light broth, you can fake it (spring) until you (it) make it (actually shows up).
really great meat-free gravy

really great (meat-free) gravy

One of the most delicious sauces you'll ever make, by far one of the easiest and the best-ever gravy for every purpose from Thanksgiving to dipping french fries.
oyster mushroom, sausage and herb stuffing

oyster mushroom, sausage and herb stuffing

This stuffing will win you over from your current go-to, I'd put money on it. I'm thiiiiis close to getting James to agree to make it this year instead of his version which he's staunchly stood by his whole life!