herbs & spices

jenny’s sichuan chili noodles

My friend Jenny was in town and we cooked together at my place where I finally got to see how she made her famous rice noodles: tossed in a Sichuan chili paste, sesame oil, light soy sauce, a dash of hoisin and more Sichuan peppercorn than I would ever have thought to use.

broiled eggplant with pesto

eggplant as luscious as marrow if you cook it properly. adding this much pesto to the top is simply indulgent.

feeding time

"safari"-themed salad (pesto on animal-shaped pasta) for our picnic at the zoo with all of my cousins and their kids.
strawberry salsa

strawberry salsa

  I took part in a delicious strawberry-themed potluck a couple of years ago. Some creations were great (strawberry pizza with basil, buffalo mozzarella...