autumn tart

It's just like leaves drifted right down from the from the trees and settled onto your tart! If dead leaves tasted like crisped chard and oyster mushrooms.
oyster mushroom, sausage and herb stuffing

oyster mushroom, sausage and herb stuffing

This stuffing will win you over from your current go-to, I'd put money on it. I'm thiiiiis close to getting James to agree to make it this year instead of his version which he's staunchly stood by his whole life!

re-baking: biscuits & scones

I feel like I should apologize to those of you who'd like to see more dessert recipes turn up here, at least on the baking posts, for Pete's sake. I, on the...

yogurt marinades

Things started smoking, pans started burning but it was worth it to have the marinade turn into a delicious glue that charred in spots.