mom's rice sticks

mom’s rice sticks

This is possibly maybe a style of Singapore dish that Sri Lankans eat (and maybe sometimes make) by way of Chinese restaurants and cooks in the south of Sri Lanka.

spicy glass noodles with puffed tofu

It's rare that I'm not a little sick of a recipe by the time I'm sharing it, and this is one of those times. This is one of those dishes, and it has everything to do with these noodles.
chicken soup and rice

first taste: soup and rice

Thank you, Maurice Sendak, for inspiring irreverent, honest, wildness in all of us. My small homage can't begin to express your influence.
zaru soba dinner

zaru soba feast

with zaru soba, good noodles are key. the rest can be easy.
ramen wk 1

ramen noodle week pt. ii

i almost ruined the whole soup while i watched the canadian women's hockey team take the gold medal! but i salvaged tonight's shiitake and white miso ramen,...
ramen week 1

ramen noodle week pt. i

i bought fresh ramen noodles so i'm experimenting with a couple of homemade ramen soups this week. tonight, a seaweed-steeped broth, with red, coarse miso a...
fried rice noodles in black bean sauce

fried rice noodles in black bean sauce

  when i was in university, there was a chinese food truck that sat on elm st., around the corner from the main hall, and at the time it didn't seem scary to...