fries and mayo

The thing is, you can't successfully transport french fries home. They're fine but not as good. Solution: fry them at home! Frying potatoes at home doesn't require much effort on your part, just your attention. And a technique.
parsnip pecorino soup LS

parsnip pecorino soup

One December day in New York, on the first really snowy day of that winter, I went to M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1. It was cold enough outside that I passed...

go-to meal: late-summer stew

Couldn't be bothered + didn't want to clean + ran out of time + mixed with late-summer vegetables = my latest go-to meal.
vegetarian kibbeh

vegetarian kibbe

Filling, flavourful and special in appearance too, all golden and presented family-style in a casserole dish.

roasted domino potatoes

Soft scalloped-potato-like texture and a crispy, shattered edge too--the little burnt edges are actually awesome.

woops. we had latkes.

Innocent-enough potatoes and onions would have been on the approved list for my moderate January cleanse. Too bad we threw them into a ton of oil and fried the hell out of them. (Totally worth it!)