chicken soup and rice

first taste: soup and rice

Thank you, Maurice Sendak, for inspiring irreverent, honest, wildness in all of us. My small homage can't begin to express your influence.

jackfruit biryani

To say that my family and I were happy with the results of this experiment would be completely underselling this.

grilled onigiri in a green tea broth

(Ochazuke with Yaki-Onigiri) If you've never eaten plum onigiri in ochazuke this might seem like an odd grouping of flavours. And words. Some ingredients...

summer paella

I've finally found a vegetarian paella recipe that lives up to my expectations.

tempered rice

Think of this as Sri Lankan fried rice, butter-fried rice, or as it is known back home, tempered rice.

just right for tonight: rice cooker congee

So easy that there's hardly a recipe to speak of. Don't worry about not having anything to flavour the water, congee can be made with nothing more than salt, and if you don't have a rice cooker with a congee setting, check out this simple stovetop recipe for the rice-water proportions you should use.

sunday fried rice

We often have this fried rice on Sundays in our house. Sunday mornings can be, harsh, ahem, and this is definitely comfort food.

popped rice (paddy)

i feel i've mastered popping corn. yet i almost burned my house down popping rice today. my mom brought over a bag of rice "paddy" as the product above is c...