aluwa LS


There are many Sri Lankan "sweets" that really should be called Sri Lankan savouries. I can think of many that are sweet and spicy with a heavy emphasis on the ...

curry-spiced cashews

I started making these spiced cashews on Sundays, in anticipation of a new episode of Mad Men. I hope you make these nuts for equally epic but lighter events.


It's a demure-looking bowl, but my posole is punchy.
carrots in corriander

carrots in coriander

To be served craggy, big carrots in all their ugly beauty (well they are both), lying long and awkwardly on a white plate was different. I had to take them in and then I had to recreate them.
vegetarian kibbeh

vegetarian kibbe

Filling, flavourful and special in appearance too, all golden and presented family-style in a casserole dish.


I would never have known to make and use a Lebanese 7-spice powder which makes for a fantastic, and I'm trusting, very authentic tabbouleh.
roasted tomatoes

spicy roasted tomatoes

Tomatoes slightly tangy--true to their nature, but complex with sweetness, smoky and spicy. Some bites will be speared, some smeared and every last drop sopped up.