mom's rice sticks

mom’s rice sticks

This is possibly maybe a style of Singapore dish that Sri Lankans eat (and maybe sometimes make) by way of Chinese restaurants and cooks in the south of Sri Lanka.
spicy carrots and banana peppers

spicy carrots and banana peppers

(photographed by james piper)Β  well look who it is. february! back again, cold, bleak and reeking of pink candy hearts. instead of wishing away the next fo...
fried rice noodles in black bean sauce

fried rice noodles in black bean sauce

Β  when i was in university, there was a chinese food truck that sat on elm st., around the corner from the main hall, and at the time it didn't seem scary to...
chili fried rice

a random bite of green chili fried rice

when james and first viewed the house we now live in, on a thursday evening last spring, we just weren't sure. the house was lovely --"we're never going ...
white fried rice

i love you, white rice: pt. 2

as you may know froman earlier post, i am fond of brown rice. and i will argue with you that it's just as good as white rice in most ways and for most uses....
sizzlin' tofu!

soft, spicy tofu & pea shoots

This is my favourite way to eat tofu. I love silken tofu above all other tofu textures, and I love chilies and this is a marriage of the two and not much el...