spicy glass noodles with puffed tofu

It's rare that I'm not a little sick of a recipe by the time I'm sharing it, and this is one of those times. This is one of those dishes, and it has everything to do with these noodles.
fried shan tofu with chili paste

burmese shan tofu, fried

Only you reading this can call me on it when I nod as if I've always known and say "Well, chickpea tofu? That's so Burmese."

black pepper tofu

I was cleaning up splatters and licking my fingers. This is indulgent weekend food that knocks the halo right off tofu.

vegetarian mapo tofu

Mapo tofu is all about two things: texture and spice. This is a Sichuan dish, which means it’s gloriously spicy. The flavours are bold–fierce, even–and in c...
korean fried tofu

korean fried tofu

my attempt at meat-free korean fried chicken. not to brag, but i'd say: success.
manchurian tofu

i love you, tofu

(photographed by james piper)Β  there! i said it! i love you even in your most basic forms, although i'll admit it took me a while to get there. but it was ...
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white vegetables en papilotte

 one day i'm throwing a dinner party and the theme is going to be "white". i've already planned out the entire six-course menu, which le...