more tomatoes. please.

After having confited them, roasted them and scrubbed them on bread already this summer, you'd think I'd be done thinking and talking about tomatoes. Nope.
confit tomatoes

grape tomato confit

For me, this isn't a "starter" or an app, this whole thing is main-event-territory.

pan con tomate

This is about a vehicle that can support ripe tomato pulp and nectar to deliver its essence without the intrusion of skin or bread that's turned to mush.

go-to meal: late-summer stew

Couldn't be bothered + didn't want to clean + ran out of time + mixed with late-summer vegetables = my latest go-to meal.
roasted tomatoes

spicy roasted tomatoes

Tomatoes slightly tangy--true to their nature, but complex with sweetness, smoky and spicy. Some bites will be speared, some smeared and every last drop sopped up.

LS baking academy: custards (& flans)

A custard is simply a liquid that has been combined with eggs or part of the egg...and then cooked until set or thickened. --From James Peterson's "Cooking" ...

cherry tomato sambol/salsa

At the height of tomato season, I don’t pay much attention to cherry or grape tomatoes. By mid-August I’ve been snacking on them for weeks and am a little t...

swimming in heirlooms

The other week my parents dropped off a crate of heirloom tomatoes, all from their garden. I'm not exaggerating. It was a quantity that made me immediately ...