rose gin spritz

A lazy-person's gin spritzβ€”and they were pretty damn easy to begin with.

Individual Tartes Tatin

Arguably the easiest baked dessert for a non-baker (someone who not only dislikes but is slightly fearful of baking, as defined by this non-baker).

a sharp left & steph’s cheese dip

The citrus and bitters round out this drink nicely, it scales well for a pitcher too, and it's the perfect drink for when you're pigging out with your friends.

thyme fried almonds

Things that take almost no effort to make but are so much better (and more impressive) than their store-bought counterparts.

marinated fish & pickled pepper puffs

The puff pastry is maybe a tiny bit fancy. But the real reason I like the fish and pickled peppers on it is because it's a little bit chewy, which let's you savour each bite a little longer.

arrack sour

Arrack is one of those drinks I was warned about while growing up, the way you're warned about a river with a strong undercurrent...


A little snack that goes nicely with a cold drink, or a crunchy accompaniment to a plate of rice and curries.