lime and harissa yogurt marinade

A while ago I was singing the praises of yogurt marinades, especially for the grill. They stay put better than oil marinades and of course they add a creamy e...

yogurt marinades

Things started smoking, pans started burning but it was worth it to have the marinade turn into a delicious glue that charred in spots.

black rice and ramp risotto

Risotto? Who doesn't love? Ramps? Delicious. But I confess, I'm sweet on this recipe because it's simply striking.
green chilies on the grill

i love you, fire-roasted chilies

the first time that i went to lahore tikka house and ate their already spicy pakistani food, my friend ordered a plate of chilies on the side. that's kinda li...
first ramps of the year

grilled ramps

i plan to try making many dishes with ramps this year like risotto, quiche, soup--anything i might use leeks for and more. because they are also referred to a...