fried shan tofu with chili paste

burmese shan tofu, fried

Only you reading this can call me on it when I nod as if I've always known and say "Well, chickpea tofu? That's so Burmese."

weekend class: homemade pita

I made and kneaded my dough at midnight, while paying more attention to The Californians sketch on SNL, and, I don't mind telling you, a little tipsy.
better easter eggs

true food colouring

Just a reminder that all of the colour you need to dye Easter eggs can be found in your food.

just right for tonight: rice cooker congee

So easy that there's hardly a recipe to speak of. Don't worry about not having anything to flavour the water, congee can be made with nothing more than salt, and if you don't have a rice cooker with a congee setting, check out this simple stovetop recipe for the rice-water proportions you should use.